Wednesday, May 25, 2011

apollo 13

The movie watched was Apollo 13. Apollo 13 was about these three austronauts that went up to space to go to the moon.The astronouts never got to go the moon because the oxygen tank fell out and something blew up so they had to turn around early. They almost died.But htye didnt because they got lucky.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The lightning thief chapter 1-2

The boring book we are reading is the lightning thief by percy jackson.In the first chapter it talked about his self and how he is dyslexix.It also talks about his friend Grover and how he is really hairy. But the main idea of the first chapter was when they went on a field trip and percy killed his insane teacher with a sword.The second chapter was about these two old ladies knitting these huge pair of sox and they clip the string.

Monday, May 16, 2011


My experience working by myself and in a team stunk.It stunk because i dont know anything and my game stunk and i didnt finish i wasnt even almost finished.I have no idea what I did that i was proud of, i guess theres one thing like when i made my monkey move.I learned im not good at making games and im not good at working overall.I learned about my topic that theres deforestation in brazil.I also learned in globaloria all of these different codes.All i learned in globaloria is how to draw and covert stuff into symbols and i barely know how to put stuff on the wiki.I kinda liked globaloria.The only thing i liked the modt about globaloria was being in flash.

Monday, May 2, 2011

free choice

Today i went to ELA and Fine arts. i didnt like ELA because we had 25 vocabulary words and we have to copy them down, if we dont finish we have home work.also in ELA we have a alot of home work this week and now in class we are starting to read a book in class we will read 3 chapters a day and we will need to finish it in a week.but today in Fine Arts it was fun because all we did was make mothers day cards which was fun. I hope the rest of the day will be good.