Monday, November 29, 2010

racing genre

I read about racing genres on wikipedia I think this is my favorite genre because i like to compete.I learned that in order for the makers to put the cars in the game and make them look 3d they have to draw every little detail like the door,the window,and the exhaust.Its kinda like designing a real car.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Derek jeter

The book I'm reading is a biography on Derek jeter.I chose this book because i think Derek jeter is a excellent athlete.So far in the book I'm learning about how his lifestyle was when he was a kid.I found his lifestyle very different from mine because he grew up dreaming about playing for the Yankees and his dream became successful.I hope my dreams become successful when i grow up

Friday, November 12, 2010

Into the arms of strangers

We watched into the arms of strangers i thought it was sad because it was about the Holocaust.The parents weren't able to work and the children weren't able to go swimming.The Jewish kids were forced to go to another school.The Jews were forced to move out.The Nazis were able to round up thousands of Jews on the night of 9-8-38.Hitler seized 20,000  Jews.The Nazis let the kids leave on a train to Holland.The kids who were leaving had to say goodbye in a room because some parents were crying and fainting.Once they got to Holland the kids were all happy because they were free from the nazis.The kids of the kindertransport were able to write to their parents.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


The book I'm reading is a biography on Usher.I chose this book because i like most of  songs and i like to read biographies.Right now I'm reading about how Usher went from poor to rich.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Diary Of Anne Frank

I thought the diary of Anne frank was sad.I thought it was sad because Anne frank and her family had to hide out in her dads office in order to not get caught by the Nazis.I think Anne was a brave person because she always talked back and shared her thoughts, I would never share my thoughts.At the end of the movie I thought that was the saddest part because that was went they got caught and when it showed what date and how everybody died.I cannot believe the dad survived.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily blog

The thing I liked the most about the mini game project I think was everything.The thing that was my least favorite about the mini game project was making the symbols react to the arrow keys I found that complicating because you had to add y and x and all of this other weird stuff.I would like to know h ow to add sounds or music if possible. I would want to know how to add music and sound so the game wont be as boring as it already is.

Monday, November 1, 2010

weekly blog

Today I learned flash.We learned how to make a mini game.I thought it was cool because I've never made a game before and today we got up to step 2.Next time I hope we finish our game.

I'm looking forward to completing our game.I know its not going to be a cool game but I've never made a game before so I'm going to be excited because this will be my first,and I'll be able to say that i made a game.

Yesterday we on flash we made it up to step 3 because we had to start all over,we had to start all over because theres a new way we have to check out our headphones so we got new flash drives.Today i hope we make it up to step 5 because i want to hurry up and be finished with this because it' complicating and frustrating.

Yesterday we didn't get up to step five but we got up to step 4.I thought this step was interesting because we got to add the bunny and make him move.We also got to adjust the speed in both the carrot and the bunny.I hope today we add the wolf.

Yesterday I think it was my favorite day because we got to draw with flash.I thought it was cool because i like to draw and because there was some tools on there that i didn't even know how to use.The tools that i didn't know how to use turned out to be pretty cool.I hope that today we do the same thing.Another thing i liked was the Anne Frank movie i think that was cool also and I hope we finish it soon.