Friday, October 8, 2010

What I Like To Do

When I have free time I like to play call of duty modern warfare 2 or play halo reach.These games are so addicting because they have good graphics and you can play online.I like to play online because it's so competitive usually I get fifth pace or higher the lowest place I've ever received was seventh.Sometimes I'll go outside to play football,catch,or walk both my dogs.My dogs names are general and boss boss is a french bulldog and general is a blue pit we named him general because he looks tough like a general from the army and we named boss,boss because he always thinks he's the boss he never shares.never lets nobody feed him but me,he always tries to boss around general,but the thing that I like about both dogs is they like taking baths and are very good guard dogs.Every time somebody knocks on the door they both start barking or if me and my sisters are arguing they'll bark.I love both dogs general is 6 months and boss is 3 months,general is gray with a white belly and boss is white with a brown spot on his stomach and and on his eye,they're both very playful.I hope to keep both dogs for 5 years I love them both I hope nothing happens to them.