Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fire ball

How could you take this real-life event and turn this into a game.
You can make a game where you play as the fireball and control it
What genre would you focus on?
I would focus on a racing genre.
What skill or topic would your game teach?
How to be quick.
What would the player have to do in the game?
The player would have to Try not to run out of gas and keep the fireball moving.
What would the hero of your game look like? The enemy? 
The hero would be The fire ball and the enemy would be the sun.
What type of animations or sounds would the player see and hear?
You would the super man theme song.
What would be the title of your game?
Escape the sun.
Draw me a simple title screen in Flash of your game and embed it in the blog post. 
Remember you can use "Blogging Tips" in the Wiki to retrieved the embed code you will need.

I made this in flash.

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