Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Forks over knives

I think this documentary will be about the food we eat. I think the title implies on something to do with eating.They found that animal based products are bad. A lot of American's are over-weight. One in five children are over-weight.They say that this may be the first generation to die before their parents, that is sad because this means as the generation get older younger people begin to die. By 2007 222 pounds of meat and 1990 they ate only 40 pounds of meat. If people keep eating meat the way we do substances build up in our arteries and that is how a lot of people have heart problems. They are finding that when Asian people some to United States they get obese. The food in the US is in a way bad for you. Animal protein can make cancer cells grow in your body.They put fast food restraunt's in low income places.

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